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Real Safeguarding Stories is a video based resource dedicated to helping professionals raise awareness of safeguarding issues. It is a collaboration between Collingwood Learning and Bradford Council and developed from the real stories and cases of survivors of abuse. Actor-led monologues tell powerful stories which really help us all understand many complex and challenging topics, from child sexual exploitation to drug and alcohol abuse, domestic violence and coercive control. It is free to use.


The whole project started when, as part of National Safeguarding Week, I was privileged to work with three survivors of domestic abuse, turning their stories into actor-led monologues. These were filmed and delivered as part of awareness events for council members, officers, and multi-agency partners. The power of the videos made such an impact and were able to incorporate so many learning points, that the videos were then used many more times as part of a range of awareness events and training.

Building on this concept, we now have a bank of 15 videos, including safeguarding issues covering child sexual exploitation, child and adult safeguarding, and domestic abuse. We have also recently filmed 4 new videos covering domestic homicide which will be online soon. Real Safeguarding Stories are now being used in many training and awareness events across the UK and we welcome professionals to make use of it! The strength of these videos are that they have been developed with safeguarding officers and trainers at Bradford Council and are accompanied by additional resources and guidance so they can be easily folded into existing schemes of work or used in isolation.

We continue to develop the resource and welcome partners to help us develop more content. Visit the website and start using it!



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