Record Evaluation Results in Essex 

March saw us complete our hard-hitting Road Safety theatre tour – Dead End, on behalf of Safer Essex Roads Partnership. The tour reached 47 schools and 9,000 students. The evaluation results were the best ever with students who recognise the Fatal Four (causes of KSIs on the road) increasing by 84% as a result of the events.

Dead End is a hard hitting theatre piece that tells real stories of crashes involving young people. It powerfully signposts the main causes of KSIs – speeding, alcohol / drugs, distraction (such as mobile phones), and not wearing seatbelts. It also shows the human cost of crashes which destroy lives everyday:

“It’s funny though because just before we hit it I had a million thoughts about my parents… what they were going to say about this… how angry my Dad was going to be… and how I just knew I didn’t want to die yet.   Not yet.   Not now… like this.” Michelle from Dead End

The show and interactive workshop then explores how, in critical moments, we need to resist peer pressure and speak up in order to keep ourselves and others safe from dangerous drivers. Students explore strategies for decision making when the wrong choice could result in death or injury.

Teacher feedback from projects across the country tell us that they really value this input:

“Once the performance began…. WOW! I was blown away not only by their talent and delivery but the powerful messages too. Many of our pupils will have friends that are driving and will find themselves in just these circumstances.  Our pupils (220) were fully engaged throughout the performance. And really enjoyed the engagement scenarios at the end. I am positive that every single one left with more knowledge, better informed and more importantly armed with knowledge that will keep them safe.” Burnt Mill Academy

Our thanks go to the participating schools, our brilliant acting team and Gillian Beale of Safer Essex Roads Partnership who looked after the team so well throughout the tour!

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