Collingwood Team Up With Choices and Voices


Collingwood are delighted to announce our partnership with Choices and Voices, a specialist team of highly trained social care associates, to combine our skills and raise the standard of Safeguarding Training. For many years, we have been developing creative, engaging approaches to help people learn about safeguarding issues. Now, thanks to Choices and Voices, we can add to this a razor sharp understanding of organisational policy and procedure, risk assessment and planning tools, and much more. By combining both organisations talents we offer powerful, motivational training that is steeped firmly in best practice.

Choices and Voices aim to support Organisations and Local Authorities to improve their delivery of services to children and young people in line with their statutory requirements and duties. Choices and Voices ensure that children and young people’s “voices” are represented and heard within that process of change. They have supported local authorities during significant “change” and offered support during Ofsted improvement programs through robust auditing and reporting. The company has extensive social care background and senior management experience who assist organisations to develop skills and competence in recognising and responding to safeguarding concerns. Their safeguarding and child protection training is essential for everyone in contact with children and young people.

Collingwood have worked with a number of councils across the UK to make their safeguarding training emotionally engaging and inspiring. We have used actor led theatre scenarios which are based on safeguarding cases to help delegates understand the complex issues in an easily accessible way. They are able to unpick these stories, identifying potential opportunities missed, the roles and responsibilities of those involved, and how to spot the signs of abuse. We have now developed Real Safeguarding Stories, an online video resource dedicated to enabling professionals to raise awareness of safeguarding issues.



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