Collingwood Learning – Award Winners

Collingwood are delighted to announce we are PPMA Winners! At the gala dinner in Bristol, we and our partners Bradford Council were thrilled to win the Best Partnership Award 2017.

The award is for our ground breaking project Real Safeguarding Stories, which is an online bank of videos dedicated to telling powerful stories that highlight many different aspects of safeguarding, including Child Sexual Exploitation, Neglect, Scams, Domestic Abuse, and much more ( The project caught the attention of the judges thanks to the brilliant partnership we have with Bradford Council, and the benefits it is bringing to individuals and organisations across the UK who want to learn how to protect people better.

The videos are free to stream online, and use of the site is growing every day. Now more and more partners from across the public, voluntary, and private sector are getting involved to help us develop new stories, and give voice to the victims and survivors of abuse in all its forms.

We share this award with Bradford Council and their amazing team of safeguarding professionals, plus partners from the Police, Barnardo’s, Social Care, Trading Standards and many more. In addition, James Taylor of Collingwood who has written so many of these stories from testimonies and case studies. Our brilliant actors who have brought these stories to life. But not least those ‘anonymous’ individuals who have shared their stories to help all of us learn about abuse, and keep ourselves and others safe.

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