‘A Curious Journey…’

We are now into our third touring week of ‘A Curious Journey’, a Healthy Relationships education programme designed by Collingwood Learning in consultation with students, teachers and parents in 7 primary schools across Lincolnshire.

The programme, which links directly with the PSHE curriculum for Key Stage 2 and is funded by Lincolnshire CC Public Health Directorate, Teenage Pregnancy Team; is being really well received by the schools we have visited so far and we are receiving a wealth of great feedback.

‘The pupils responded very positively to the way the sensitive issues were handled. They were confident to share and discuss important views and concerns’. Teacher, Charles Baines Primary School, Lincolnshire.

The Theatre in Education performance and workshop session which uses the themes and characters of Alice in Wonderland, sensitively explores the challenges faced by young people in transition; puberty, friendships, relationships, bullying, aspirations, and risk. The experience aims to raise aspirations and self-esteem, dispel myths and misconceptions around the changes to come, and promote informed choice.

After seeing the play from the Collingwood team, the pupils work with our actors to put together their own performances, pulling out key elements and issues of choice and getting the chance to perform these to their parents and peers at the end of the school day.

‘The programme has given the children a forum to share and discuss important personal issues – crucially with trained professionals who were sensitive in their approach and not familiar to the school’. Teacher, Charles Baines Primary School, Lincolnshire.

With just three weeks of the tour remaining and another 14 primary schools across Lincolnshire to visit, we hope the programme continues to be a success and that all the pupils involved feel better informed and more confident as a result.

You can follow our team and their daily activities on Twitter @CollingwoodL or by liking our Facebook page: www.facebook.com/collingwoodlearning. Or if you are interested in coming to view the programme, you can find our tour schedule at: www.collingwoodlearning.com/onlinebookings.

For more details, contact Lindsay Richards: Lindsay@collingwoodlearning.com or on: 01484 681025.19 11 8 7 4 1

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