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Collingwood Team Up With Choices and Voices


Collingwood are delighted to announce our partnership with Choices and Voices, a specialist team of highly trained social care associates, to combine our skills and raise the standard of Safeguarding Training. For many years, we have been developing creative, engaging approaches to help people learn about safeguarding issues. Now, thanks to Choices and Voices, we can add to this a razor sharp understanding of organisational policy and procedure, risk assessment and planning tools, and much more. By combining both organisations talents we offer powerful, motivational training that is steeped firmly in best practice.

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Real Safeguarding Stories is a video based resource dedicated to helping professionals raise awareness of safeguarding issues. It is a collaboration between Collingwood Learning and Bradford Council and developed from the real stories and cases of survivors of abuse. Actor-led monologues tell powerful stories which really help us all understand many complex and challenging topics, from child sexual exploitation to drug and alcohol abuse, domestic violence and coercive control. It is free to use.

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