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ASPiH Video

Just a quick note about a wonderful project we are involved with at the moment. We’re doing a fab little promotional video for the Association of Simulation Professionals in Healthcare conference in November. This national conference will be held in Yorkshire and Humber, and it’s now traditional that the local hosts do an amusing and informative introduction to the region and the great simulation and clinical skills training going on.


New for 2013

So what’s new for 2013? I can’t believe that we’re about to start our fifth academic year of touring theatre in education! Where’s the time gone? We’ve got a full range of theatre tours going out on the road this Autumn – from Year 7 right up to 6th form, and we’re all hitting the phones getting the schools booked in. Not only that but we’re celebrating the 10th Year of Smashed with Diageo GB, who sponsor this project, but more on that another time.

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