Record Evaluation Results in Essex 

March saw us complete our hard-hitting Road Safety theatre tour – Dead End, on behalf of Safer Essex Roads Partnership. The tour reached 47 schools and 9,000 students. The evaluation results were the best ever with students who recognise the Fatal Four (causes of KSIs on the road) increasing by 84% as a result of the events.

Dead End is a hard hitting theatre piece that tells real stories of crashes involving young people. It powerfully signposts the main causes of KSIs – speeding, alcohol / drugs, distraction (such as mobile phones), and not wearing seatbelts. It also shows the human cost of crashes which destroy lives everyday:

“It’s funny though because just before we hit it I had a million thoughts about my parents… what they were going to say about this… how angry my Dad was going to be… and how I just knew I didn’t want to die yet.   Not yet.   Not now… like this.” Michelle from Dead End


A New CSE Project From Collingwood Learning

We are delighted to announce the launch of Mirror Mirror, Collingwood Learning’s new theatre and workshop programme for schools, tackling Child Sexual Exploitation. The project is being delivered in schools across North Wales and is being sponsored by the North Wales Safeguarding Children’s Board, in partnership with Barnardo’s Gwella Project.

Aimed at Year 7&8 students, the project will enable young people to learn what CSE is, how grooming works, keeping safe, and getting help. Mirror Mirror tells the story of a vulnerable teenage girl who meets an older man, is groomed, and then caught in an emotional trap that she feels she cannot escape from. The live performance is accompanied by interactive workshop activities, teaching resources and evaluation.


Collingwood Learning – Award Winners

Collingwood are delighted to announce we are PPMA Winners! At the gala dinner in Bristol, we and our partners Bradford Council were thrilled to win the Best Partnership Award 2017.

The award is for our ground breaking project Real Safeguarding Stories, which is an online bank of videos dedicated to telling powerful stories that highlight many different aspects of safeguarding, including Child Sexual Exploitation, Neglect, Scams, Domestic Abuse, and much more ( The project caught the attention of the judges thanks to the brilliant partnership we have with Bradford Council, and the benefits it is bringing to individuals and organisations across the UK who want to learn how to protect people better.


Collingwood Team Up With Choices and Voices


Collingwood are delighted to announce our partnership with Choices and Voices, a specialist team of highly trained social care associates, to combine our skills and raise the standard of Safeguarding Training. For many years, we have been developing creative, engaging approaches to help people learn about safeguarding issues. Now, thanks to Choices and Voices, we can add to this a razor sharp understanding of organisational policy and procedure, risk assessment and planning tools, and much more. By combining both organisations talents we offer powerful, motivational training that is steeped firmly in best practice.

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Real Safeguarding Stories is a video based resource dedicated to helping professionals raise awareness of safeguarding issues. It is a collaboration between Collingwood Learning and Bradford Council and developed from the real stories and cases of survivors of abuse. Actor-led monologues tell powerful stories which really help us all understand many complex and challenging topics, from child sexual exploitation to drug and alcohol abuse, domestic violence and coercive control. It is free to use.

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